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My wife is always my manager, from what time to eat, where to eat I have to report to her, I'm not even allowed to work overtime! Lately, every Thursday my wife goes to the gym and comes home late. Thanks to that, I can work overtime or go drinking with colleagues. Some colleagues joked that my wife might be having an affair. I didn't believe it and just let it go. This Thursday I decided to stay and work overtime, next to Arina who was also working overtime like me. Suddenly she turned and asked me: "Where do you think adultery comes from?". I can't think of anything else but starting with sex. When I returned home, I asked my wife that question again. She seemed confused and told me: "It's okay if you don't get discovered, right?". The next Thursday came again, Arina continued to work overtime with me. This time she suddenly asked me: "Will you kiss me?". And from that moment on, every Thursday, we worked overtime and kissed each other passionately. And then, the kiss no longer satisfied me. When I said I wanted to fuck her, Arina immediately smiled happily, she was also waiting for my words. And I'm officially having an affair! But even so, the feeling of guilt is not as great as I thought, maybe because deep down I also understand that my wife is doing the same thing somewhere...

FSDSS-351 Having an affair with a colleague during overtime hours
FSDSS-351 Having an affair with a colleague during overtime hours
 Movie Code: FSDSS-351 
 Actor: Arina Hashimoto 
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