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Heyzo 0193 A Prank to the Cram School Teacher. Tomoka Sakurai, you guys must have seen a lot on javhd, she is known as the queen of pleasure because she can reach orgasm very easily, guys, in this series she climaxed no less than 10 times, each time. I was startled and looked crazy. The content of this movie is also quite humorous, the story is about a young teacher who punished his student too much, so his father asked her to come to his house to apologize, otherwise he would report it to the school. . Because he was a new teacher, Sakurai naively went to his student's house alone. After chatting for a while, she discovered that this father was really similar to her spoiled son. He started to play tricks on her, asking to see her underwear, and even forced her to kneel down to apologize. Taking that opportunity, he immediately ran behind Sakurai's butt and took a picture of Sakurai's uncovered buttocks and pink pussy. After that, he forced Sakurai to have sex with him, it was really too dishonest.

HEYZO-0193  [HEYZO-0193] My lecherous sister
HEYZO-0193 [HEYZO-0193] My lecherous sister
 Movie Code: HEYZO-0193  
 Actor: Tomoka Sakurai 
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