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The film is the adventure of young farmer Luke along with the old monk Obi-Wan Kenobi with extraordinary powers and friends who participate in rescuing the lustful princess Leia as well as freeing the entire galaxy from being oppressed. annexed by the cruel Darth Vader. After capturing the princess, in order to get her to reveal information about the rebels' location, Darth Vader fulfilled her desire to suck her cock, but the result he received was still a plump zero. even though she had satisfied her desires. Facing the risk of being executed, Luke and Obi-Wan accidentally received her help message from the intelligent robot R2D2, so they made a plan to rescue her. On the way, they stopped by a bar where there were all kinds of aliens, and especially had to witness couples having extremely weird and intense sex in order to seek help from the captain. Han Solo - the owner of a spaceship with a speed equal to the speed of light. Fully armed and equipped, they bravely entered Darth Vader's base and successfully rescued Princess Leia after a fierce gunfight and laser sword battle from both sides. After bringing the princess back safely, everyone gathered forces to attack the base and blow up the headquarters of the devious name Darth, with the greatest credit being none other than Luke and Han Solo. Because they were the two key figures contributing to the victory, the princess gave them both of them to make love as a gift for their courage. # Sub source: TieuDieuTu/ Thiendia.com

Star Wars
Star Wars
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