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Ella Milano

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Petite stunner Ella Milano is a Califorian hottie with a beautiful booty that just won't quit. She's got perfect perky little tits, and like the rest of her, those magnificent mammaries are one hundred per cent all natural! From her pouty lips to her pretty little toes, every inch of Ella Milano's tan skin is flawless, and of course the only way to improve on perfection is to cover it with a nice hot load of jizz! This bisexual beauty loves snowboarding, surfing, and Frank Sinatra, so if you want to get in her pants, you're going to need class, a sense of danger, and the skills to make her cum hard. This cock-hungry chick has been climbing up the charts ever since her porn debut back in 2010, and was even Penthouse Magazine's Pet of the Month in March of 2011. So if you like your ladies elegant, slim, and horny as hell, make sure to check out Ella Milano!

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